Lighting Installation Services in Carmel

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Electrician

When looking for Lighting installation in Carmel, Burtner Electric is a great choice. The company has been providing quality residential and commercial Lighting installation in Carmel and in many other surrounding communities in the state of Indiana for more than 25 years. The company provides electric wiring and electrical renovation from expert electricians with years of professional knowledge. They want you to be happy with their quality of service and want you be content that the work they provide will be performed by a licensed professional electrician.

The company is family owned, which guarantees their service. Their reputation is based on the services they provide. This means they are committed to high quality work and customer satisfaction to uphold their high standards within their community. The company’s services include residential services and commercial services. Residential electrical services include electric wiring and electrical renovation of interior and exterior lighting, recessed lighting, rewiring for renovations, new appliance wiring upgrades and much more. For commercial services, they arrange for a certified electrician to service businesses for PC wiring, safety detection cells, storm damage electrical repair and other services. Visit website.

Several people do not recognize that they have an electrical problem or fire threat up until it is too late. They want you to contact them if you are experiencing any unusual problems in your home or business.There are many occasions when you should contact an electrician. Some examples are:

1. If you have storm damage that causes wires fixed to your riser or your meter base to detach from your home.
2. You have circuit breakers that often trip because they can be an electrical hazard.
3. You have glimpses of light anyplace in your electrical system.
4. You hear hisses, buzzes, sizzling or unfamiliar noises in your electrical system.
5. You have impaired, sliced, damaged or split wire insulation.
6. You have inadequately operational outlets or switches because they can signify a hazardous wiring condition.
7. You are using space heaters or other electrical components with extension cords which can cause fire.
8. And finally, if you have numerous electrical appliances plugged into the same outlet.

If you need any of the electrical services they offer, they are licensed, certified and fully insured for your safety.

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