Knowing When You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Ashburn

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Law

A divorce should always be the last resort when you have problems in your marriage. Once a couple decides a divorce is the only option left, they also need to decide whether or not they need a divorce lawyer to settle things. Experts suggest that even if a divorce is ending on good terms, a lawyer should still be present during the entire process.


If a couple is able to work out their differences without too much fighting and feuding, it is possible to hire a mediator to represent both parties instead of a lawyer. A mediator is more or less the equivalent of having a lawyer. Their role is to provide an unbiased point of view to help settle a divorce as quickly as possible.

A divorce lawyer in Ashburn or a mediator is going to help a couple overcome their emotional barriers, so they can work out a sensible divorce agreement that meets both of their needs and interests. The only difference between working with a divorce lawyer and a mediator is that a mediator is going to work with both spouses. A divorce lawyer is going to represent one person or the other.

Whenever there are children involved in a marriage, it is always best to have a divorce lawyer involved in the process. There will almost always be a disagreement when there are children involved in the process. This is because chances are pretty good that both parents want their child to come live with them. In this situation, you would want a lawyer to help you get custody of your child while also protecting your child’s best interest. This is why it is a good idea to make sure you hire a divorce lawyer in Ashburn that has experience with children whenever children are involved in the process.

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