Keep Your Face and Mouth Healthy With Help From an Oral Surgeon Mount Vernon IL

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Your oral and facial health is crucial to your overall physical well being. Consider for a moment the tiny moles and blemishes on the skin. These could be nothing, but they could also be a sign of cancer or other conditions. You can usually go to a specialist and have these things checked out, but there are other options such as The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. The specialist here are skilled with removing blemishes, minor facial surgery up to complete facial reconstructions.

Of course, the skin is only the beginning of health and beauty. The real job comes with caring for the teeth, gums and mouth. There are many benefits from visiting an Oral Surgeon Mount Vernon IL besides the extraction of impacted teeth. For instance, they can determine if the lesions on your mouth are simple sores or if they are a sign of cancer. Oral cancer can affect your whole life including the ability to breathe properly, eat correctly and communicate with family and friends.

Most of the time people visit an Oral Surgeon Mount Vernon IL for more mundane things like a badly damaged tooth that is broken off below the gum line or an impacted wisdom tooth that can only be extracted surgically. An impacted tooth is likely to have secondary problems such as an infection in the jaw or an abscess in the lip or gum areas. Infections are bad news that can quickly spread to the bloodstream if not treated and once they enter the blood they move towards the heart putting your life at risk.

One of the most difficult problems for many people is a disease called TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. This is a problem that makes it difficult to open your jaws very much and has many different causes. It can cause difficulty chewing, biting or swallowing and it can make speech a bit difficult because the mouth can’t move correctly. In many cases it can be quite painful and include a popping action. There are various treatments for this problem including some that require surgery, but which is right for you will require a little time with a specialist.

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