Common Questions About Ordering Custom Table Pads

April, 2014 by

If you have a lot of activity around your dining room table, you want to make sure that it stays protected. In addition to eating meals at your table, you may often lay items down on it, your children may use it for doing homework and you may even see your cat walking on the top of your table. All of these scenarios can be damaging to your table because spills, sharp objects and cat claws can scratch or ruin the finish. When you have Custom Table Pads made for your table, you won’t have to worry about your table being ruined. Below are some common questions about ordering table pads. Visit website for more details.

Q.) Do you have pads available for tables that are are odd shaped?

A.) Since these table pads are made to order, you can have one made to fit any size or shape of table. Before ordering, you’ll have to measure the length and width of the top of your table. Measure across the center of the table for the width and measure end to end for the length. If your table has leaves, remove them before taking your measurements. When ordering, specify the number of leaves you have for your table. If your table has beveled edges, do not include them while measuring.

Q.) Will my table pad be one large piece or will it be made in sections?

A.) Most table pads will be made in two pieces that fold in half. For long tables, there could possibly be more than two pieces and each piece may fold more than once. If your table has leaves, each leaf will have its own pad.

Q.) Will the pads slide all over my dining room table?

A.) When ordering your table pad, you can also purchase pad locks that fit inside the table pads to hold them together. With these locks in place, you won’t have to worry about your table pads sliding around or creating a gap where they meet.

Superior Table Pad Co. Inc offers table pads to protect your dining room table from scratches, spills and other types of damage. They’re custom made to fit any size and shape of table including circular, oval, rectangular, square and octagonal.