Information Bad Breath From Dentistry in Heber Springs

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Bad breath, formally called halitosis, can be difficult to deal with. Most bad breath has an underlying cause that needs to be treated, for the breath to be improved. Many people try to treat their foul breath with gum, mouth rinses and brushing their teeth. While these can help with bad breath caused by foods you have eaten, they will not fix other issues. To overcome your breath problems, the Dentistry Heber Springs can help. They can assist you in finding the cause of your breath issues, so they can be treated and your breath can smell fresh again.

What are the Common Causes of Foul Breath?

Chronic dry mouth can often lead to odors in the mouth. This occurs because there is no moisture to flush the food particles away. This leads the food bits to rot in your mouth and makes your breath smell rancid. Some people only experience this in the morning, while others may have morning breath throughout the day.

Decay can also cause you to have bad breath. When your teeth begin to rot, this produces a foul odor that cannot be masked. To stop the odor, the Dentistry Heber Springs can fill the tooth or remove it. This helps to stop the smell and the bad taste that often accompanies it.

Bad breath can also be caused by acid reflux. This often causes the contents of your stomach to be sent back up into the mouth. This can cause your breath to smell poorly and should be treated by your doctor.

Poor Brushing habits can also cause odors. This leads to a buildup of bacteria in your mouth and can cause bad breath. When brushing, you need to brush all surfaces of your teeth and your tongue, to remove this bacteria.

Your dentist has many treatment options when it comes to helping you overcome bad odors in your mouth. Bad breath can be a sign of a serious gum condition and should never be overlooked. If you are experiencing chronic bad breath and cannot seem to overcome it, contact the dental office of Jason T Bolding DDS and schedule your appointment right away.