A Plumbing Company in Fort Worth TX Can Keep Your Drains Flowing Smoothly

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When you suddenly start smelling foul odors coming up from your drains, it’s a good indication that it is time to get those drains cleaned. As soon as you start noticing those odors, you should contact your plumber. Drain cleaning is one of the most effective ways to prevent many plumbing emergencies. In fact, drain cleaning can reduce the occurrence of:

* foul odors in drains

* clogs

* sewage backups

* sluggish drains

When your plumbing was new, the pipes were wide open and clean. However over time, those drains can become clogged with all types of debris, including hair, grease, particles of food, and even toilet paper. A plumbing company in Fort Worth TX at your request come out and clean all of the drains for you. They will typically use one of two effective ways for cleaning your drains.


When using a high pressure nozzle to clean the drains, a plumbing company in Fort Worth TX will send a flexible hose through the pipes. The high pressure nozzle attached to the end will spray pressurized water directly through the pipes, removing all of the grease, hair, and debris from inside the pipes. High pressure nozzles can remove years of buildup from inside your drain pipes.


The plumbers snake, or electric auger, is a long metal coil with a sharp blade attached to the end. Much like the high pressure hose, the auger will be fed through the pipes in your home. The blade will cut through all of the debris as it passes through the pipes. One benefit to the auger is that it can successfully cut through tree roots, which can grow in your pipes. The auger will be sent through each of your homes clean-out points.

In order to protect the plumbing in your home, and prevent costly repairs, you should have your drains cleaned about once a year. Routine cleaning can keep your drains flowing smoothly, and can also help your drain pipes last longer. During your routine maintenance appointments, your plumber will also be able to inspect your home for potential problems that might need to be addressed.

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