Information About a Slab Leak in Desert CA

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If you think you have a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA, it’s important to get a correct assessment so a solution can be implemented to repair the problem. A slab leak is a hole in the water lines running through the concrete floor of your home. To sustain the integrity of your home, getting a professional diagnosis will help you to repair both the water line and the concrete it’s in.

A Slab Leak Palm Desert Ca is very vulnerable to the shifting of the soil that the foundation of the house is on. Some soils have an ingredient that is incompatible with the copper it comes into contact with. This chemical reaction is call electrolysis. Over a period of months or years, this chemical process can cause copper pipes to erode, which can cause a hole to develop. When this is the reason for the Slab Leak Palm Desert CA, all of the water pipes are usually replaced.

Another cause of a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA is the improper covering of exposed copper pipes. Pipes should not come into contact with other types of pipes. A water line will normally expand and contract when hot or cold water is running through it. When this occurs, some of the pipes can be replaced to keep the rest of the plumbing working right.

There are several signs that are indicative of the presence of a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA. If your monthly water bill continues to rise for no apparent reason, it may be an indication of a hole in the pipes of the plumbing. Also, seeing foundation cracks can mean the presence of a slab leak. As a leak starts, it will usually cause the concrete to crack along vertical and horizontal lines. If you detect foul odors, investigate to make sure you don’t have a slab leak. You can call a professional to help you with this. Make sure the contractor you hire is bonded, licensed, and insured. This will help to protect you from being held liable if someone is hurt while working on your plumbing.

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