Get the Tweezers Out of the Car and the Skirt Off Your Bathing Suit, Get Permanent Laser Removal in Hawaii

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Going to the beach or a pool party can be intimidating for the mature woman. Years after childbirth, hundreds of diets, thousands of hours of aerobics classes and parking in the furthest parking space from the grocery store, and our bodies still have not recovered. Gravity, hormones and aging are unkind in the dressing room mirrors, and the dress sizes on the racks. Sometimes, doing everything right is not enough. Procedures to reduce bumps and bulges, hair in funny places and veins that look like sear sucker fabric can create the image in the mirror of how we truly feel.

Changes in hormone levels caused by childbirth or menopause often result in changes in the texture and color of a woman’s skin. The once firm, glowing skin, now has age spots, sags and wrinkles. A muffin top or spare tire from pregnancy or middle age spread creep over the waste band of our jeans. Going under the knife almost sounds appealing. There is now a non-invasive procedure called “CoolSculpting”. There is no knife, heat or scarring. The results are seen over a 1 to 3 month period, and patients often recover poolside. For more information click

If you have tweezers in the car because the light is better permanent laser removal in Hawaii might be the answer. Some women struggle with bathing suits because shaving the bikini area leaves their skin with razor rash and, a few days later, in-grown hairs. Laser hair removal can offer a solution; the same is true with under arm hair and legs.

Heredity or standing on your feet all day can cause spider and varicose veins. These unsightly ripples, bruises and dark lines can make even the most sculpted legs appear unappealing. Varicose veins are painful as well. There are many different methods to correct them, and permanent laser removal in Hawaii is an option. Who could ask for a more beautiful place to recover?

Just because time and heredity say we are aging, we don’t have to accept it. When we look good, we feel good. An added benefit is we are more active and happy. Don’t let bumps, bulges and hair in funny places hold you back; do something about it. Take charge of your life; get the tweezers out of the car, the skirt off your bathing suit and show off the beautiful new you.

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