Improve the Plumbing in Your Home With a Copper Repipe in Palm Desert, CA

March, 2014 by

The plumbing in our homes can be made from several different materials depending on who handled the plumbing installation and when the pipes were put into place. At one point galvanized pipe was popular because it offered a cheap alternative to other products, but eventually the pipe would corrode and require replacement. Then, for a while PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) became a popular material for plumbing installation although it was only viable for fresh water delivery and sewage removal. If your home has either of these piping installations your best option is a Copper Repipe in Palm Desert, CA.

Copper pipe provides the homeowner with many benefits the other two materials can’t match. For example, copper pipe doesn’t corrode like galvanized pipe and it doesn’t wear at the fittings since the pipe is soldered at the joins. A Copper Repipe in Palm Desert, CA provides the homeowner with a stronger pipe for transporting water than the conventional PVC pipe. While neither were designed to carry excessive weight, the structure of the copper pipe allows for better support with fewer structural mounting brackets.

Copper pipe is currently the favorite pipe for home plumbing. It is easy for the plumber to work with and provides an extremely durable product that offers many years, if not many decades of quality service. A properly installed Copper Repipe in Palm Desert, CA can avoid the possibility of leaks in your home while providing a common method of water distribution that will be serviceable for years. Plus, if you need upgrades to your home’s plumbing such as new faucets or the installation of plumbing to appliances, your copper pipe is easily tapped by any plumber in the business.

Along with a Copper Repipe in Palm Desert, CA, plumbing contractors such as Southwest Plumbing can provide a variety of services. For example, your existing plumbing may have sprung a leak that you can’t locate. A well equipped plumbing contractor can easily find these problems with the application of experience and some modern technology. Current leak detection tools include a sonic based frequency detector and an extremely sensitive microphone system that help to detect the sounds make by leaking water under pressure.

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