Workers Comp Attorney in Suffolk County, NY: Fighting a Rejection

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If you are injured while you are working or you become sick because of the work you do, you might be entitled to receive what is known as worker’s compensation benefits. Worker’s compensation is the name of an insurance program that employers are required to carry. Employees who are found to be eligible for compensation can receive the benefits for medical bills and lost wages regardless of who was at fault for the accident, injury, and/or illness.

In most cases, there are three basic requirements that must be met in order for you to qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. First, the company you work for must actually carry the insurance. Second, you must be an employee of that company. Third, you must have sustained an injury or illness that is work related. There are some additional special rules for agriculture workers, domestic workers, and independent contractors.

Not every single employer is required to have worker’s compensation coverage. The laws vary by state, but the responsibility to have this kind of coverage tends to depend on how many employees they have and what kind of business they operate. Employers who have a lot of employees or those who operate a dangerous business are more likely to be required to have this kind of insurance. Most states require employers to have this insurance if they have more than three employees regardless of what type of business they operate.

Not all workers are considered to be employees. If you happen to be a temp or a seasonal employee, you are not going to be covered by worker’s compensation. Consultants are also not going to be covered by this type of insurance.

If you feel as though you deserve worker’s compensation benefits despite the fact that you have been denied, you need to hire a Workers Comp Attorney in Suffolk County, NY. It is not uncommon for someone to be denied worker’s compensation claims even though they are entitled to benefits. Employers do what they can to deny claims in order to save money. The Workers Comp Attorney in Suffolk County, NY you hire would just need to disprove their reason for denying your claim. Fortunately, a law firm such as Gilbert, Blaszcyk and Milburn, LLP is usually willing to take worker’s compensation cases on a contingency basis. Read more for more information.

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