If You’re Having An Unplanned Pregnancy, An Adoption Attorney in Georgetown Can Help

September, 2014 by Alma Abell

Choosing to give up her child for adoption can be the most difficult decision a woman will ever make.  Often, there is little support available from family or friends.  The father of the child may wish to have nothing to do with the child or the mother.  An unplanned pregnancy may involve dropping out of school or a career.  It can be a frightening, very emotional time.

At this time, life appears to be nothing but problems.  Many women feel that they want to give birth to the baby, but the obstacles are significant.  Where can they live?  How will they get medical care?  They have no way to support and care for a baby.  Whatever dreams they may have had of a husband and family have been shattered.

Deciding to give birth to the baby is a momentous decision.  Many women have strong religious or moral values that make it impossible for them to do other than give birth to the baby.  Others find them themselves standing alone against friends and family who think they should take ‘the easy way out.’

Then these women are faced with a second life-altering decision: whether or not to give up the baby for adoption.  Choosing adoption is an honorable, loving choice, but not an easy one.  They focus on what is best for the child.  There is time to decide; the final placement decision cannot be made until 48 hours after the birth.

There are options available to these mothers-to-be.  Talking to an Adoption Attorney in Georgetown will help to identify the possibilities.

  • Free counseling will be invaluable, whatever the final decision.  It’s good not to feel completely alone.
  • Support will be available 24 hours a day.
  • Assistance with living, medical, financial and transportation expenses can be arranged.

One of the most important options will be choosing the adoptive family.  Profiles of the potential families will be available.  It will be possible to decide how much contact with the adoptive family and child would be desired in the future.

Michael R. Lackmeyer is an Adoption Attorney in Georgetown, TX.  For the past 30 years, he has been focused on assisting birth mothers.  Visit the website for more information about how he could help you in this difficult time.

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