Identifying The Benefits With A Separation Lawyer In Nassau County, NY

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Identifying The Benefits With A Separation Lawyer In Nassau County, NY

In New York, a legal separation doesn’t guarantee that the couple will become divorced. It is a process that allows couples who are facing difficulties to live separately before making a final decision. Each party maintains the same legal rights they’ve had since becoming married. However, they don’t live in the same property.

How a Legal Separation is Conducted

The couple works together to reach an agreement. They determine who maintains custody of the children and how much child support is paid. With a legal separation, spousal support is also paid. The couple identifies a value for these payments. They also determine which spouse lives in the martial home. Couples who wish to take advantage of this process should contact a Separation Lawyer Nassau County NY today.

Maintaining Your Rights

Primary reasons that a legal separation is used are to maintain medical insurance coverage and to avoid division of marital assets. If the couple remains married, they maintain their right to use all martial assets without conflict. The process also allows each party to utilize shared funds and manage finances together. Visit website to know more about the experienced separation lawyers.

Finding a Resolution

Couples who don’t want to get a divorce could utilize a legal separation to work through their issues. It allows them to live separately and maintain their own personal space. If they choose, the couple could engage in marriage counseling to help them find a resolution instead of getting divorced.

Filing for a Divorce

Couples who acquire a legal separation cannot file for a divorce until they have lived separately for one year. When either party makes the choice to file a petition, they could utilize the terms of the legal separation as the basis for the divorce agreement. He or she could utilize the legal separation as the grounds as well.

By understanding the advantages of a legal separation, couples could find a more amicable solution. Through this process, they don’t lose the rights they acquired when they became married. They can, however, live separately from their spouse without judgment. To learn more about legal separation and its benefits, contact a Separation Lawyer Nassau County NY through Keith Shapiro & Ford today.

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