The Important Considerations Of Major Event Risk Management

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Large gatherings of people at public meetings, conferences, concerts, sporting events, political or social rallies or for any other reason are always potential places for attacks, threats or potential problems. Utilizing specific technology for major event risk management is something any group planning or organizing these events should consider.

Before choosing a specific program to use for major event risk management it is essential to consider several components or factors of concern. By understanding what you need in risk management options, it is then possible to find the right program to manage the event and provide the data needed.


Identifying the goals or the concerns for the event is essential when selecting the right major event risk management. Depending on the type of event, there may be several subsets or areas of focus for risks.

A good example of this may be a public social or political rally. There is the goal or concern for overall safety for the participants, but then there is also a concern for the safety of any speakers, groups or organizations which may be participating in the event.

Real-Time Information

When you are talking about major event risk management, you need information in real time. It is not helpful to have a delay in obtaining information on threats, you want to have immediate, prioritized information to allow on-site security and organizers to focus on what is happening immediately and any potential future threats which have been identified as credible.

Without both real-time reporting and accurate prioritizing of the threats the security at the site is not able to focus in on what is important. They will be simply responding to very low-level threats, leaving vulnerabilities exposed.

First Response Effectiveness

One key component of any major event risk management is to be able to coordinate first responders in the event of some type of threat, attack or injury occurring during the event.

Having the ability to access information through mobile apps is critical for any type of major event risk management. This is a great feature and can be provided to first responders, volunteers, workers or even private citizens at the event to immediately capture information about any type of activity which may indicate a threat or which may be suspicious.

Any information obtained through these sources with the app is then incorporated into the overall threat matrix and provided to the appropriate professionals in real time, literally providing a security net over the entire event and enhancing the major event risk management program significantly.

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