Attorney Jean Lee Dallas Can Be Invaluable With Custody Issues

September, 2013 by Alma Abell

Many times when a married couple chooses to split up and divorce, it can be a very sad experience for the children of the couple. This is especially true for minor children who still live at home. When a divorce occurs, their whole world can be shifted and it can often leave them feeling very lost and confused. If the parents are having issues in deciding whom the children will live with and where, the matter can be even more upsetting for the child or children. Very often when these situations arise, it can be very beneficial for a parent to hire an experienced attorney like Jean Lee in Dallas who has handled custody issues in the past.

Having an experienced lawyer can be invaluable in much of the negotiations for a divorce. One of the most critical areas where this can be important is matters involving the custody of the minor children. Many times divorces that have started out amicably can turn very hostile if parents do not agree on whom the children should reside with. If the parents are unable to work things out on their own, then they may find that they will need help with the matter. Sometimes this can mean that they will need to have a hearing before a judge to resolve the matter.

While many parents may think that having a judge involved can be the best solution, this is not always the case. Judges do their best to make a fair and just ruling that benefits the needs of the child. However, they do not necessarily know the people involved or have a clear picture on many issues that are involved with the couple. Their main concern is the law and the welfare of the child. This can often result in a decision that does not work well for either parent. Unfortunately, since the matter has been decided by a judge, there is little that the parents can do to change the decision.

This is why it is often much better for parents to try to work together to reach a custody arrangement that will work best for them. Many times a lawyer can be helpful in negotiating with the other party or even arranging for mediation to try to solve the matter. In many cases, this can end up with an agreement that is much more favorable for everyone.

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