Hriing a Marijuana Lawyer in Burlington, WA

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

When you have a good Marijuana Lawyer in Burlington, WA on your side, marijuana related charges do not have to ruin the rest of your life. Naturally, it is important to realize that any serious drug charges can, and usually will, bring serious penalties. However, you want to hire a lawyer such as one from the Howson Law Office because they are the only person, other than you, who will be on your side.

Understanding The Law

A lot of states are moving toward a certain degree of legalization when it comes to this specific drug; some of the other states are moving toward de-criminalizing this drug. However, with advocates pointing out the medical benefits and detractors focusing on all of the dangers, it can be very confusing when it comes to understanding how serious marijuana related changes are. Fortunately, you can rest assured that your lawyer will know, understand, and be able to explain your best and worst case scenarios.

Understanding The Consequences

Some people think that because marijuana charges are so minor, that they really do not need a criminal lawyer. While it is true that being arrested for having a small amount of marijuana on you may be a minor charge, it is not something you should be willing to risk. You could end up facing very serious consequences depending on your record and how the judge feels that day, and a criminal lawyer is the only one who can stop that from happening. You have to remember that this is a charge that will be on your record forever. Even if it may be a minor charge, you should never take a gamble when it comes to your permanent record. These charges could impact things such as your ability to get a job. Furthermore, if you have a child and were to get a divorce, this being on your record could hurt your chances of getting custody of the child. Your lawyer will make sure that does not happen to you.

Your Marijuana Lawyer in Burlington, WA is going to be the only person in the court room who you can be certain will make sure that you get a punishment that fits the crime. They will also make sure you do not get a harsher one because the judge or the other lawyer is trying to make a point or set an example.

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