How Your Trade Show Booth can be Enhanced by Technology

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With technology continuing to advance all the time, more and more possibilities for incorporating it into your trade show booth are being presented. If you never imagined that video monitors, event management software, tablets or camera phones could impact your business, you need to read the information provided here.

How Smart Phones and Tablets can Acquire Leads

In the past, there were very few and very simple methods used for capturing leads; the main one being to use a pen and paper. However, relying on the handwriting of customers can be extremely challenging. If you do not gather information that is legible, then you will not have any lead. Smart phones equipped with cameras and tablets have transformed modern lead capturing methods. Now, getting a new lead is as simple as taking a picture of their business card.

The fact is that tablets and smart phones are not the only ways that are used to electronically capture leads at custom trade show displays. You can purchase a scanner for business cards, which will expedite the scanning process.

Event Management Software

Another way that you can use technology to streamline your trade show booth is to use event management software, which will help you to keep everything organized. You should search for software that will allow you to automatically send an email to your office when you capture a new sales lead. Consider how impressed that your potential new customers will be if you are able to send them relevant information and follow up with them before they even make it back from the trade show.

There is also some type of software that will automatically send email blasts to the trade show attendees directly after the show, which can increase your business’s return on investment.

Utilize Video Monitors for Personalized Messages

If you have a well-attended trade show booth, your visitors may have to wait a few minutes to talk with you. At this point, utilizing video monitors and televisions can be extremely beneficial. For the very best results possible, you should have the video message professionally produced since this may be the very first impression that someone has with your brand.

Utilizing technology for your trade show booth simply makes sense. There are a number of new innovative techniques and devices that can help increase your booth attendance, as well as the potential new leads you receive.

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