The Elements of Antque Rug Repair in Manhattan

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you have an old, antique, heirloom rug that has been passed down from generation to generation, you want to keep it around as long as possible. Those area rugs carry sentimental as well as financial value, which is why they must be maintained and kept in good repair. When your rug becomes worn or faded, antique rug repair in Manhattan can help with its restoration. The following information will describe the basic process of repairing these old, valuable area rugs.

1) Reweaving – Reweaving is the first step in restoring an antique rug. Using a quality craftsman for this process means you get someone who has knowledge and experience, but who also uses wool that is the same age as your rug instead of new wool that some rug repair professionals use.

2) Gathering wool – Where do they get the wool? They remove wool from other antique rugs that are of the same texture and color as your rug. Even a 150-year old rug can be restored to its original texture and color.

3) Master craftsmen – Only expert, master craftsmen should handle antique rugs. The restoration process often takes up to two months. This is common in antique rug repair in Manhattan.

4) Natural dye – Custom dyes are needed when restoring antique carpets. Rug restoration experts also specialize in matching the colors to the old rugs. No factory dyes are used for true rug restoration. They make their dyes from natural sources like minerals and plants.

5) Dead pile removal – Dead pile from wear and tear on an antique rug has to be removed in preparation for restoration. Wherever the dead pile is removed, a craftsman will re-pile that area.

6) Excess pile shearing – Excess wool is commonly left over after reweaving. That excess wool is carefully sheared off the carpet.

7) Final touches – Finally, after several weeks of restoring your antique rug, the restored version will be pressed and any finishing repairs that need to be made will be done at this time.

Once this process is complete, your antique rug will look like it did when it was originally woven. This is a process used only by master rug restoration craftsmen. Your old rug deserves to be treated with care during its restoration. The Golden Horn has been providing these services for over 10 years in the United States.

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