How to Talk to Your Parent About Senior Care

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

As an adult child, you may be uncomfortable talking to your parents about senior care. If you suspect that your parents are having trouble living in their own home or a health condition that they have been struggling with for years is getting worse, it is imperative that you talk to them about their wishes before a medical crisis takes the power out of their hands.

The earlier you start having talks with your parents about their preferences for a senior living community, the easier it will be for them to move with it is time. Make an attempt to have a comfortable conversation with your parents. When they have time to think about and consider all of the options available to them, seniors may even look forward to moving into an active retirement community while they are still young and healthy enough to enjoy the amenities.

Your parents’ only experience with retirement homes may have been when their own parents were placed in sterile, boring nursing homes. You may need to educate them about how the advances in medicine have changed the retirement home industry. Active senior communities offer entertainment and social activities for seniors while providing senior care to those who need it. Encourage your parents to visit some active senior communities so they can see for themselves how comfortable they can be.

These kind of conversations are often difficult because adult children feel that they need to take control of their parents’ lives. If you approach the discussion from the perspective of a concerned adult child, not an authority figure, your parents may be more receptive. Treat them with respect and allow them to make the decisions. Your role is to guide them and provide information to help them make choices. If your parents are not Internet-savvy, help them get online to find information about various facilities and communities.

For more information about senior communities, visit Elk Ridge Village Active Retirement Community. They have multiple levels of care, including independent living, assisted living and memory care. The community offers transportation, private apartments and 24-hour nursing staff along with a wide variety of extras to make residents more comfortable, including a wellness center, housekeeping service and a hair salon.


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