How You Can Avoid the Nursing Home

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How You Can Avoid the Nursing Home

If you’re older, and in need of home assistance, you’re looking at a lot of different options, and just as many costs attached. Fortunately, to help in your old age, there is Medicare, which provides a number of options to alleviate the financial burden. You should educate yourself on exactly what it is that Medicare can provide for you.

Skilled Home Nursing Services
If you’re in need of skilled nursing services, then Medicare will cover the necessary costs up to 28 hours a week, no more than 8 hours in a day. This covers anything that only a skilled nurse would be able to provide, such as injections, catheter changing, wound care, tube feeding, and general diagnostic attention and treatment. Along with that, if you do require such skilled services, Medicare will also completely cover the costs of a home health aide. This is an aide that can provide you assistance with daily tasks that you might have trouble completing, such as getting dressed, bathing, cooking, and so on. Unfortunately, if you aren’t in need of the skilled nursing services, then you are not eligible for your home health aide to be covered.

Doctor Visits
Your Medicare will pay for your doctor visits in full, along with any prescribed treatments that your doctor deems necessary. They will also pay in full for all of your medication, as long as they are in line with what the agency believes is necessary.

Medicare will pay for the lion’s share, 80%, of any physical equipment you might need, such as a wheelchair or walker.

Since home care can be provided at no cost to you, if you are in need of skilled nursing services, you should absolutely avail yourself to the free home aide. If you’re looking for free home health aide services in Bellmore, try Long Island Family & Elder Care to provide you with your free home aide.

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