How to quickly recover from oral surgery

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Even at the best of times, dental oral surgery in Butler PA can be painful and traumatizing. A few simple steps before and after the surgical procedure can help minimize this, also decrease the time to recover and to ensure a greater level of comfort. Before the surgery takes place, you will be in contact with your oral surgeon, find out from him what aftercare he or she suggests as dental surgeons always have a few tips that can help you. Follow all the tips that you are given, most importantly are what you can and cannot eat and drink a couple of days prior to the planned surgery.

After dental oral surgery in Butler PA there is a tendency to lose weight because of the difficulty in eating and perhaps nausea. It is very important that you eat well prior to surgery so that your body can heal itself. Not only must you eat well, you should take heavy doses of Vitamin C and other vitamin supplements prior to surgery and directly afterwards as well. As you may not be in a position to eat and chew, make sure you have stocked up on nutritious broths and soups as well as dietary supplements that can be mixed with egg and milk.

Stay well away from any food that may unnecessarily irritate the site of the surgery. Stay away from any hard foods and especially crunchy foods like potato chips, hard candy and bread crusts. Foods which are acidic by nature may cause the site to sting, stay away from citric acid such as lemon and orange juice and stay well away from sugar. When you do it, rather than brush, rinse your mouth well with a mild solution of warm water and salt or any mouthwash that the surgeon recommends.

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Oral surgery will almost always be accompanied by pain. Although the dentist will have given a long lasting pain reliever he will also have prescribed pain relieving medication. It is important that you follow through with the course of treatment as it has been proven that pain interferes with the natural healing process. As you heal, you may also find that the application of ice packs to the affected area will also bring relief.

If you are finding that you are having problems with chewing or you want to enhance your appearance, it can be done with dental oral surgery in Butler PA. The surgeons at Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery can undertake corrective jaw surgery to reshape your jaws for better bite and a more pleasing appearance.

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