The Dreaded Home Improvement Estimate: How to Survive with your Sanity (And Wallet) Intact

May, 2013 by

Whether it is for a new carpet in the family room, new paint on the walls, or new Siding Buffalo New Yorkers dread getting a home estimate completed. And why not? Most often during home estimates, the home owner is forced to endure both an invasion of the privacy of their home and a high pressure sales pitch about why it’s necessary for them to buy this particular product or service. Getting a home improvement estimate doesn’t have to be so stressful, though! Here’s some helpful tips to make it through the process in one piece.

1.     Educate yourself about current material prices. There is nothing worse than finding out that the light fixture you paid your contractor a hundred bucks for retails for twenty at the local hardware store.

2.    Have clear expectations. If you are calling someone out for Siding Buffalo doesn’t need another City Hall. Keep it simple and straight forward. Don’t be talked into even discussing an area of remodeling or improvement that is not relevant to the original project. Of course, if you are getting an estimate for new windows and discover that there are termites in the walls, you need to discuss that. However, don’t be talked into new windows whenever you need new gutters.

3.    Communicate, communicate, communicate. Set clear boundaries about your personal property. Be up-front about your budget and the time you are willing to allow the contractors to have access to your home. The contractor giving the estimate cannot work with you if they do not know your unique situation! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and for clarification.

4.    Get it in Writing. Always. Once you and the contractor have come to an agreement, print it out, sign it, and keep in the a file.

5.    Don’t Sign Anything You Don’t Understand. Ever. Read your contract twice and then read it again. If there is anything that is not immediately clear to you, ask the contractor to clarify it for you. Even remodeling contracts are often written in legal language, so there is no shame in needing or wanting some clarification.

Getting an estimate for remodeling shouldn’t be something that you dread and put off until the problem is too big to handle. Prepare and empower yourself with knowledge and get on the phone to find a contractor to help you build your dream home!




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