How to Extend the Life of Your Garage Door Opener in King of Prussia

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Most garage door openers have a life expectancy rate of around 20 years. Unfortunately, few make it this long. The number one reason that a Garage Door Opener in King of Prussia does not last as long as it should is because it is not properly maintained. Here are three different steps that you can take to help your garage door opener reach its full life expectancy.

Oil the Motor and Chain Every Six to 12 Months:

Oiling the motor and chain of your garage door opener helps those parts move smoothly. When these parts are not properly oiled, they can run cause the unit to run rough, which can ultimately cause parts to wear incorrectly or unexpectedly break. The frequency in which you should oil an opener varies based on how often you use the unit, the temperatures your garage is exposed to and the level of humidity in the air.

Inspect the Tracks Monthly:

Another thing that you can do to extend the life of your garage door opener is to inspect the tracks monthly. As you inspect the tracks, look for signs that the track is dented, bent or that the screws holding the tracks in place are loosening. All of these problems can impact the garage door’s ability to slide up and down the track. If the door cannot glide smoothly over the tracks, the motor has to work harder to get the door over the track, which causes it to wear faster.

Have Your Unit Professionally Inspected Annually:

The last thing you should do to extend the life of your Garage Door Opener in King Of Prussia is to have the unit inspected annually by a professional repair company. They can catch small problems that you may not be able to pick up on. Catching small problems early gives you the opportunity to fix them, before they turn into large problems that may be irreparable.

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