Water Damage in Brooklyn Can be Cleaned and Repaired by Experienced Professionals

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

The first step in cleaning up water damage is to call an experienced professional water damage restoration service because a mop and a bucket won’t do the job. The first action is to dry out the areas with the standing water. A vacuum may be required as well as a high speed fan. These items are professional equipment which usually only professional companies have access to. Water Damage in Brooklyn will require further action.

Once the floor is dry, the areas which are not visible such as behind the stairs will require closer inspection since black mold will grow there if the area is not completely dry. Black mold is a health hazard which will spread by the spores becoming airborne.

It may be necessary to remove plaster walls and dry wall up to the level where the water stopped. Once this material is gone, then the wall supports must be dried and examined for black mold. The process is usually preceded by removal of any floor covering since the water is bound to have seeped underneath the floor.

Once all of the house material has been dried out, the restoration process can begin. This is another area of experience for the Water Damage in Brooklyn to deal with. New flooring may need to be installed which will require an experienced floor installer. The walls will need to be re-plastered or drywall installed.

First, the electrical system should be inspected for water damage or the potential for water to cause a problem with the use of the electrical system.

An essential task for the restoration service is the disposal of the material destroyed by the water. This is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

If the water has been caused by a sewer backup, then a different method is used to clean and restore the area. Bare floors will be cleaned and sanitized to ensure no harmful bacterial will remain. The same action will be applied to the wall supports if drywall has been removed.

The Maspeth Environmental Corp has the training and the experience to accomplish this type of cleanup.

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