How to Choose Bridal Bouquets in Charlotte, NC

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A wedding isn’t complete without flowers. If you look at wedding photographs, notice they all have the bride holding bridal bouquets in Charlotte, NC. Wedding bouquets may not seem important, but they have significance. They add romance and beauty to a wedding. Bridal bouquets in Charlotte, NC can also relieve tension as you walk down the aisle. Almost all of your wedding pictures will feature your bouquet. Choosing a bridal bouquet can get confusing since all members of your wedding party will need them. Here are some ideas and tips for bridal bouquets.

You have several options for bouquets. A popular one is the hand-tied bouquet. A hand-tied bouquet has a long stem wrapped in ribbons. Lace or dainty fabric may be added to the base. Nosegays are suited for less formal ceremonies. Nosegays are suited for all types of weddings. They are simply a group of gathered flowers that can be customized any way you wish. For formal weddings, a cascade bouquet is ideal. Cascade bouquets are descending groups of flowers that start from the base. These bouquets are known or their voluptuousness.

Certain factors will influence the type of bouquet you choose. One factor is your dress. Take a swatch of gown fabric so the florist can match the dress with the correct color and style. The bouquet should not cover your body nor hide your gown and be easy to carry. If you are petite, a large bouquet will overpower you. Flowers must last the whole evening since they will be in many photos. Put them in a vase with water to preserve them. You don’t have to use fresh flowers. You can choose silk flowers. Silk flowers will save you money and you don’t have to be concerned about them wilting. They are something to consider especially if you want an off-season flower. Silk flowers are suited for formal occasions.

It is ideal to take pictures of bouquet styles you prefer to your florist. Start planning for bouquets well in advance to ensure you get a good match and have time to make changes. Your bouquet is an essential part of the ceremony and it will reflect your personality. Click here for more information.

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