Options For Your Attorney in York, PA

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

When you have legal issues of any type, you probably know that you need to find a good attorney in York, PA, but have you considered which type of attorney you need? Usually, you will find that hiring one law firm that has the ability to work on multiple types of cases will be smart. This means that the attorney you hire to help with your bankruptcy case today may also be able to assist you in a few years if you have been hurt in a car accident and need a personal injury attorney. This article will talk about some of the most common situations that may require legal representation today.

Personal injury lawyers work with a variety of clients today. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, workplace accidents, and medical malpractice situations are all the domain of personal injury lawyers. There are also other situations in which a personal injury lawyer will work, including nearly any situation in which people were hurt due to another person (or another company) acting, or neglecting to act, in a proper way. Personal injury attorneys get compensation for both medical injuries and for the intangible damages known as “pain and suffering” for their clients.

Bankruptcy attorneys are increasingly needed today since the bankruptcy laws can be very complicated. An attorney in York, PA can help clients with every aspect of the bankruptcy, from the beginning part where the paperwork is completed to the credit counseling class to the court date when the bankruptcy is officially approved. The attorney will be very helpful in guiding a client as to which type of bankruptcy to file and will help the client to make sure that all the allowable exemptions are taken so that as much personal property as possible can be retained.

Employment law is another field of law that your York attorney may work in. Employment law is a very diverse field and can include situations such as wrongful termination, age discrimination, gender discrimination, and hostile work environments. Nearly any issue in the workplace can be handled by an employment lawyer like Parker Law Firm P.C. To get the best results from any workplace problem, seeking legal help rather than trying to negotiate yourself is wise.

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