How Does a Portable Water Ionizer Work?

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Water ionizers work when water is subjected to an electrical charge, separating the water into two streams at the spigots. One stream is acidic, and the other stream is alkaline. The resulting waters have specific uses, alkaline is predominately used as drinking water and acidic is usually used for cleaning. If the process is such that the water must pass over electrodes, how can a portable water ionizer work when it is not attached to a power source?

How does it work?

A portable water ionizer works using sticks that can have an effect on the pH of the water in the container. This can only happen if the mineral content of the source water is correct. The quality of the water is the important element, contaminates, minerals and its initial pH must be right, and to insure this, the water must be tested first to see whether it will work.

Does it compare to permanently installed ionizers?

The stick only can change the pH of the water, and this all depends upon the water you start with. The water that comes from a portable unit will not have its anti-oxidant levels adjusted at all. It is the electric charge running through the plates that raise the anti-oxidant level of the water, and as there are no plates, there is no effect. Many people believe that, although the pH level is an important health concern; it is the ORP that is more beneficial in making positive changes to health.

The uses of alkaline water

For ionized water to be beneficial, the pH must be raised and lowered over the norm of 7.0. Alkaline water, which is for drinking should be higher and the pH of acidic water should be lower.

Although alkaline water is great for hydration and to remove toxins from your system, there are times when it is ill-advised to drink it.

*  With medicines: medicines which are taken orally are designed to release into the body over a set period of time and at a specific rate. Alkaline water can speed the delivery of the medication into your system quicker than when taken with ordinary tap water. The speed of delivery can have an effect upon the effectiveness of the medicine as well as a reaction to full delivery when the medicine is designed for time release. There should be about 45 minutes between taking medications and having a drink of alkaline water, both sides of the dose, before and after taking it.

*  At mealtime: The stomach has acids, which are used in the digestion of food, allowing the body to absorb the nutrients. If alkaline water is drank close to your mealtime, can cause problems with the digestive process. Thirty minutes either side of eating should be sufficient time for the necessary acids to be neutralized through digestion.

When taking medications or around meal time, place the setting on the ionizer to neutral. It may be slightly more alkaline due to the filters but will pose no harmful effects.


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