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Do you feel like stained or discolored teeth are affecting your social life? A person’s teeth are a reflection of their hygiene and self-confidence. Every time you open your mouth to smile, laugh, eat or talk, your teeth are put on display for the people around you. Professional teeth whitening services are available in Del Mar for people just like you. Don’t let discolored teeth keep you from smiling or laughing. Fix the problem and fix it now.

Over the counter teeth whitening products

Over the counter teeth whitening solutions are available in a variety of forms such as strips, gels, trays, mouthwash and toothpaste. While these can all make your teeth appear whiter for a short amount of time, none of these actually penetrate deep enough into the tooth to create long lasting effects. This way the consumer purchases the products more frequently and creates a larger income flow for the manufacturer. In some studies strips, gels and trays when used too frequently or for a longer period of time than recommended can cause significant enamel deterioration. This results in extremely sensitive teeth and pain while eating, drinking, or even breathing. There is no cure for enamel loss. Once it is gone, it doesn’t replenish. Other side effects of over the counter teeth whitening products include but are not limited to spottiness, discoloration, gum irritation and infections. Not only that, but they are also costly. For example; a one month supply of generic brand strips can cost 25 dollars which adds up to 300 dollars per year. Buy effective multi-purpose whitening toothpaste, accompanied by mouthwash and floss for basic hygiene. Then visit the dentist for your whitening needs or to discuss which over the counter method may be best for you.

Professional Whitening

It is recommended that every person have their teeth whitened at least once a year to keep their smile as bright as possible. One teeth whitening treatment in Del Mar can cost as little as 145 dollars without insurance. This is half the price of over the counter products! When a dentist whitens your teeth they typically use a 5 percent hydrogen peroxide or 15 percent carmabide peroxide solution. This special solution seeps deep into the tooth, bleaching the dentin for long lasting results. State of the art light energy technology used in certain offices increases the effectiveness and speeds up this process. There are no known side effects associated with professional whitening. Why spend your hard earned cash on over the counter products that have horrible side effects and cost twice as much. Don’t just temporarily mask the problem. Solve it in one application! Professional whitening affects the deepest layer of the discoloration. Get a bright beautiful smile the smart way. Leave the house with confidence. Laugh often, smile big and talk your heart out. Don’t be ashamed of your teeth, embrace your teeth. Show off those pearly whites!

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