Home Remodeling And How To Design It For The Best Effect

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

At any given time there are probably a hundred people doing home remodeling in Nashville TN or any other major city across the country. Those homeowners are tearing down walls, pulling our kitchen cupboards, ripping out closets and chiseling tiles off bathroom showers. That is the beauty of home remodeling, it’s like having your own blank canvas and starting over from scratch. It’s a joy to head down to the Do It Yourself store and purchase all the gear you will need to get started. Your shopping list will likely contain paint, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, cabinets, counter tops, shelving, power tools, hand tools, accessories, light fittings, fireplaces and a massive list of other items that you will need to pretty up your home.

Choosing your Own Custom Design

We usually know what we like, but it is sometimes easier to short list what we don’t like and strike that off. Then, we can look at the things we want in our home and decide how we want to use them. Let’s suppose you want themed rooms or colored rooms. The first thing you will need to plan is what you want for each room. You might like the idea of a New England Red living room with white woodwork and white ceiling. This will give you the opportunity to hang pictures with dark wooden frames, have dark wood furniture, but at the same time giving the room a light and airy feel with the right lighting and window treatments.

You might also decide that you want an ultra-modern kitchen with all the appliances in brushed steel or brilliant white. You will need to plan room for a dishwasher, a cooker, of course and your refrigerator. If you remodeling your home from just the bare walls you will have the ability to right your own ticket, so to speak and you can plan each room literally from the ground upward.

Your bedrooms and bathroom are the same, too. You can choose if you want a shower and bath or just a bath with a shower fitting. You can decide if you want a molded bath unit or tiled walls. You can choose if you want to have a wall shower or a hands free shower that has a fitting that can be removed.

Hannah Custom Homes will help you design for home remodeling to suit your needs in Nashville, TN.

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