Hiring Criminal Lawyers In Bellingham, VA To Fight A Criminal Conviction

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Law

Criminal lawyers in Bellingham, WA prepare your case to pave the avenue to fight for your freedom. With criminal charges, you must look at the big picture overall. Even the most minor of infractions will have an impact on your life, if you are convicted. Criminal records affect your ability to gain employment. A felony charge on your criminal record more specifically prevents you from acquiring a security clearance and other key requirements for jobs in areas such as technology. These charges presents a roadblock for anyone hoping to enter the finance or banking industry as well.


Fighting a Conviction

Your attorney fights against the odds to present you with strong legal defense when you are facing a criminal charge. With these efforts it is necessary to gather evidence that supports your claim of innocence and prevents the jury from convicting you. An alternative to evidence is introducing reasonable doubt to imply your incapability of committing the crime.

With reasonable doubt, you are presenting concepts such as credible proof that you were in a different location at the time of the crime. Your attorney could present a physical or mental impairment that would prevent you from committing the crime. Through this process, your attorney must prove that reasonable doubt is probable in your case.

Local Criminal Defense

Bratlien Law Firm presents you with strong criminal defense to assist you in avoiding a conviction. These attorneys prepare your case effectively to present your side of the story. The attorneys gather evidence through investigation and due diligence. Through diligence and hard work they discover the key evidence needed to avoid a conviction and restore your freedom. To hire an attorney within this law firm for your criminal case, contact them locally or visit their website at bratlienlaw.net.

Criminal Lawyers in Bellingham, WA are your first line of defense after an arrest. These attorneys review the evidence presented by the prosecution to assist them in efforts to fight against a conviction. They conduct an investigation to uncover evidence that assists you in proving your innocence and discrediting the prosecution’s case. These efforts lead to reasonable doubt which could sway a jury render a not guilty verdict.

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