Hire Water Damage Experts in Fort Wayne, IN After a Flood to Protect Inhabitants’ Health and Safety

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Water Damage Repair

Residential water damage is usually the result of inclement weather, but the potential for burst pipes and other unexpected home emergencies can leave homeowners with a soggy problem during any season. The first thing to do when substantial water damage has occurred is to assess the safety of any residents. If there is standing water in the family’s living space, or if the source of water is unknown and may be contaminated, do not remain in the home. Call in water damage experts in Fort Wayne IN immediately for an assessment of both damages and safety.

When the water source is coming from the public water supply and is known to be uncontaminated, it’s a good idea to shut the water off to the house. This can help prevent further damage, although it won’t help to remove the standing water already present in the home. Removing standing water often requires the use of a portable pump or other industrial-grade equipment and should be left to the professionals. Removing any standing water is, however, only the first step toward addressing lingering moisture in the carpets, walls, furniture, and the air itself.

Often, dustrial-grade dehumidifiers, fans and foggers must be brought in to remove excess moisture from the air, and furniture and carpets must be treated to remove lingering odors. Failing to take these important steps can lead to warped floor boards, damaged walls, sagging ceilings, and the growth of mold and mildew. Even if everything appears to be clean and dry, there is still a strong possibility that mold could be growing behind the walls, as moisture in confined spaces takes longer to evaporate. This can be dangerous to a family’s health and should not be ignored.

Safety should always be a homeowner’s first priority. Ensuring the structural integrity of the home by removing any standing water and excess moisture as quickly as possible is the most important step. The most effective way to do so is by hiring Water Damage Experts in Fort Wayne IN as quickly as possible after the flooding has occurred. Visit Carpet Masters for more information.

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