Hiring a Stump Remover Helps Prevent Termites

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Termites cause billions of dollars in damages to American home and business owners each year. Help make it harder for termites by hiring a professional Stump Remover to get rid of all old tree stumps.

About Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites get their name because they live in huge colonies underground. They even make mud tunnels with a combination of dirt and termite spit so they do not have to work in the full glare of the sun. Subterranean termites go through all this effort because they have soft bodies that soon dry up when exposed to direct sunlight. Because they remain hidden underground and in mud trails, it is difficult to see any termites until extensive damage has been done.

How Termites Get Food

Termites eat anything that contains cellulose, such as in wood, paper, plywood and many building materials. Rotting wood leaches chemicals in the soil that act like red blinking neon signs for hungry termites. The colony sends out scouts to find these chemicals and check out the food supply. Even after a source of food is discovered, such as a tree stump, scouts are constantly on the move to find more food for a ravenous colony. They wander many yards to discover any other rich sources of cellulose like fencing, outbuildings or houses.

Do Not Leave Out For Termites

Leaving old tree stumps in the ground and not expecting termites to arrive is like setting out a big plate of dog food every night and not expecting to find dogs on the property soon afterwards. Sooner or later a termite scout will scent the rotting wood and bring the colony to feast. Getting rid of tree stumps entirely leaves the termites with nothing to eat and no reason to hang around a particular piece of property.

In Summary

Subteranean termite scouts travel up to 300 feet from their colonies searching for food. Since termites are blind, they search by smell. Rotting wood from tree stumps sends out particular smells attractive to termite scouts. Hire a Stump Remover service such as Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. as soon as possible to prevent pests like termites from making a meal of the yard and home. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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