High Skilled Dermatologist Dr. Whitney Tope

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Academic Dermatology’s Dr. Whiteny Tope is a high skilled dermatologist that provides pre skin cancer and skin cancer treatment in a way that you won’t get it anywhere else. The treatments that Dr. Tope offers for pre cancer and cancer treatments are photodynamic therapy (PTD), micrographic surgery, and other treatments depending on the patients specific needs. Dr. Tope offers a wide variety of services aside from skin cancer treatment as well and that includes a range of cosmetic treatments for both men and woman of all ages. One of the more recent procedure people are looking for are Cosmetic Fillers in Minneapolis, MN.

The best thing about Dr. Tope is that she treats each patient differently and based on their specific cases and needs. She gets to know her patients and see what methods and treatments would be most beneficial for them. When it comes to choosing cosmetic treatments for patients she will make sure she gives her patients all the options possible so that they know all of their options and can choose according to that.

Dr. Tope’s website academicderm.com has a lot of really useful information about all of the services she offers and about different skin cancers and their signs and treatments. The website also includes the list of different cosmetic procedures Dr. Tope offers and what exactly they intake. Cosmetic Fillers in Minneapolis, MN is another service you can read all about on the website since it is a newly popular one to have done. This website is really helpful for patients so that they can do their research before they walk in the office and have a list of any questions about different treatments or about any cosmetic surgeries they are considering having done. It’s a good idea to gather different questions before going into the office because what usually happens is people forget what they want to ask.

Cosmetic Fillers in Minneapolis, MN is a very popular service that many dermatologists do not preform. Dr. Tope is one of those doctors that preforms this service and her patients have been nothing but happy with their results. This does not just go for this service but for all of the services Dr. Tope preforms. She does not disappoint her patients and will do anything she can to make them happy and give them a successful outcome with whatever they are having done.