Treating Blurred Vision Arlington Heights

October, 2018 by

Your eye health is important, and when you notice symptoms such as blurred vision in Arlington Heights, you should not ignore them. Blurred vision may happen for a variety of reasons. You may have a grain of sand or a stuck eyelash in your eye. Many medications cause side effects such as blurry vision. If you recently changed medications, started taking a new medication or had a dose change, this could be a cause of your blurry vision.

Blurry vision may also result from allergies. If you are exposed to an allergen such as pollen or pet dander, your eyes may become irritated and watery, causing your vision to turn blurry. Some illnesses may lead to blurry vision. Meningitis and other serious conditions that involve an infection in the central nervous system could cause your vision to become blurry. A stroke or a traumatic brain injury could also lead to blurry vision.

If you notice a sudden onset of blurry vision, it is essential that you make an appointment for a vision exam. Our eye physicians have the equipment to check your eyes for infections, injuries and other problems. If you have any other symptoms, it is important to let us know. For example, if you have blurry vision and a fever, these are possible symptoms of a bacterial or viral infection affecting your nervous system. If your blurry vision coincides with taking a new medication, you may also need to contact the prescribing physician and your pharmacy. You may be able to discontinue the medicine or switch to a different prescription medication.

When you have blurred vision in Arlington Heights, it is important for you to be seen by our eye doctors at Arlington Eye Physicians LLC.

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