All About Different Truss Designs

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Business

The technology and innovations behind how companies build stage equipment has come a long way. You could say they’ve perfected the way they craft stages down to a science, especially where the base is concerned. A stage is only as good as its base. You never want to risk the well being of your performers and performance by using flimsy materials. That’s why stage builders now prefer to use truss structures design when crafting their stages. This type of stage foundation has long proven sturdy due to its form, which is composed of many triangles, a shape already well-known for being difficult to topple.

Here you can learn about different types of truss structures design available, many of which offer varying structural and aesthetic benefits.


A whipple truss stems from a design originally formulated by engineer, Thomas Willis Pratt. The key difference between a whipple and the original Pratt truss structure is its shape. The whipple truss uses bars arranged in a vertical slant. These bars are then aligned with other components, which are arranged diagonally. By laying out the parts of the truss in this way, the structure is able to more easily and efficiently support the weight of the rest of the stage structure, as well as the performers using the stage.


The Pratt truss is one of the most well-recognized of any truss structures design. Like the aforementioned Whipple, itself inspired by the Pratt design, the Pratt truss relies on diagonal components, which point toward the stage’s center. This type of design allows for wider, larger stages.


The Allan truss is the handiwork of another engineer known as Percy Allan. It builds off the work of William Howe and simply extends the number  of trusses used within the structure in order to build a higher edifice.

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