Handle the Transmission Part of Your Car Repair in Minneapolis

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There are benefits that come with every positive thing you do. If you take good care of your car for example, you can expect it to run well for many years. However, even when you do care for your car, it may still fail to work properly. Sometimes, you have several repairs to do but enough money for only one. Between a broken headlight and a damaged transmission, you should choose the most important system to fix. Here are a few reasons why you should have your transmission fixed right away.

Functions of the Transmission

The transmission controls all of the ways that your car moves. It is connected to the engine and transfers power to the wheels. A manual transmission includes a stick that you maneuver by hand to shift gears, whereas with an automatic you simply place the shifter into Drive. The planetary gear set controls the forward and backward movements when you switch gears. Eventually these parts become so worn down that a car repair is inevitable.

And, every car has to switch gears at some point. You need the transmission to be in top shape for this task. A faulty transmission can compromise the safety of your driving from backing out of a driveway to turning a corner.

Signs of Transmission Problems

Most of the time, you can tell whether or not there is a problem with your transmission. Sometimes though, there is a problem that goes unnoticed until it gets too late. You should know the signs to look for if you suspect that something is not right requiring an immediate car repair.

Leaks underneath the car are major signs of transmission problems. When you park a car in the driveway, you should not see pools of oil collected underneath. You could have one leak or dozens of leaks at once. All of these leaks are repairable, but only by professionals who are able to look over the car’s undercarriage.

Be aware if your car shakes or moves from side to side uncontrollably. You have a problem any time the car moves without your permission. The chances are that the transmission is to blame instead of the engine or wheels. Only a professional mechanic is able to diagnose the problem and come up with a solution at the shop.

When there is something wrong with your transmission, you should act quickly and schedule car repair in Minneapolis. You cannot wait and risk the safety of yourself and your passengers. You need well-functioning gears to control the movement of your car including its speed and power. In addition to knowing which mechanic to contact, know how to detect problems in your transmission and why you should have them fixed.

If your car shakes or moves from side to side uncontrollably. You have a problem any time the car moves without your permission. Contact Richfield Transmission Center for car repair service.

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