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The equipment that powers a company network rarely gets the credit it deserves for what it contributes to the business. While everyone can see the computers on their desks and the phones and tablets in their bags, they typically don’t spent much time looking at the switches, hubs, routers, and other devices that are critical to their ability to communicate both with each other and with the outside world. If you want your company to be able to operate securely while also making the best use of its computing resources, though, you need to invest in making sure that you have the right Networking Equipment in Philadelphia, PA.

The selection and setup of networking tools is much more nuanced and important than people often realize. A typical person’s natural tendency is to assume that, so long as signals seem to be getting where they need to go, everything is fine. In fact, there are many different network configurations that may seem to work fine, but could be problematic for a variety of reasons. Something as simple as carelessly connecting two switches together more than once can create serious problems that aren’t necessarily easy to diagnose.

Choosing Networking Equipment in Philadelphia, PA is also an important security issue. People who are laying out a wireless network without a lot of expertise in security often think only of making sure that every inch of the office itself is properly covered by the network. In fact, equipment should be chosen and configured with a goal of making sure that the signal stops as close to the walls of the facility as possible. The last thing any company should want is to make it possible for someone to sit unobtrusively out in a parking lot monitoring confidential wireless communications and potentially even gaining access to the network without ever having to enter the building.

Computer Connection Of Central New York, Inc routinely helps area businesses to define their networking needs and to determine which of the tools they carry can best do the job. You don’t need to have a networking genius on staff to get something set up that is both efficient and secure. You just need to hire people who both know what they’re doing and care deeply about helping their customers get great results.

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