What Can You Expect From the Best Physical Therapists in Sandy

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Physical therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on reducing the pain, swelling and inflammation you have after an injury, surgery or because of a long-term condition. This type of therapy helps to increase your mobility, strength, flexibility and endurance. With ongoing therapy, most people are able to improve their function in their daily lives. This information can prove helpful in helping you to understand what to expect from the Best Physical Therapists in Sandy, so you can be prepared when you schedule your appointment.

What Happens When You See a Physical Therapist?

When your physical therapist first meets with you, he or she will want to go over your health history and examine you. As a part of the examination process, the therapist will check your level of flexibility, balance, coordination, posture and mobility. You may be asked to move certain ways, walk, sit and lie down, so the physical therapist can check to see how you move and transition between movements. After a full examination, the therapist will be able to discuss your current condition and your goals for treatment. This puts you involved in your treatment, increasing the odds of it being more effective.

A big part of your therapy will involve specific and targeted exercises meant to help you improve your range of motion, without pain and swelling. Your therapist will instruct you on the right form for your movements. As with any type of exercise program, you may experience some degree of discomfort and soreness, but you should not feel major pain. If you do, make sure you inform your therapist, so your exercises can be adjusted.

Along with exercise, the PT will also give you educational information on increasing your mobility and becoming pain-free. You may be given certain exercises to perform at home, so you continue to progress between treatments. It is important you are active in your care, so you can see improved function as you progress through treatment.

If you are experiencing pain and mobility issues, there is help through the best physical therapist in Sandy.

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