Four Trends in Wood Flooring New Canaan CT

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

1. Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home is as important as the colors you choose for your walls and the furniture and decor you choose for your home. The floor of a room reflects your personality, complements the room, and sets the mood for each room in your home. Before you choose your ideal Wood Flooring New Canaan CT supplier and hardwood products, it is important to know the trends in this kind of flooring material.  for more details on best wood flooring services in New Canaan, CT

1) Green-friendly – Green, or sustainable hardwood for your floors comes from cork and/or bamboo. Cork is constructed from tree bark and bamboo is created from bamboo grass. Not only are these sustainable flooring materials Eco-friendly, they are also exotic looking, decorative, and designed for performance.

2) Exotic – Exotic woods like Brazilian cherry, tigerwood, and teak give off a special warmth and elegant sophistication in any room in which they are installed. These woods already have distinct designs, but they can also be cut and baked to enhance their uniqueness without affecting the wood.

3) Distressed – Modern distressed wood is designed to look like genuine reclaimed flooring. It offers the rustic and authentic look of old, used lumber with stains, slices, gouges, saw marks, and nail holes that make it look unique. Wood Flooring New Canaan CT that is distressed provides the look of character that only old wood can provide. It is a popular trend in many modern homes.

4) Handscraped – This is an age-old surface for wood flooring that started in the 1800’s. The finish in that era was created by using flat blades to scrape off thin layers of the wood while smoothing the surface to create the markings of this kind of floor. These marks are still handcrafted by artisans and wood craftsmen to create the historic look of this wood flooring.

These four trends are popular, beautiful, and suitable for any home. Other trends in wood flooring can also include wide-width plank floors, engineered wood, and traditional oak, maple, and cherry wood floors. Ultimately, the choice in type, design, color/stain, and species for your Canaan home flooring is up to you. Westwood Flooring provides brands like Mohawk, Somerset, Mullican, Baltic, and Harris Wood to suit your needs and desires. Visit website to find out more about the flooring solutions they offer.



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