Foundation Contractors in Oklahoma City Will Stabilize Your Home’s Foundation

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Foundation Repair

Every home needs to have a solid foundation to sit on. A foundation is the lowest part of a home that supports the home. There are three main types of foundations: basement, crawl space, and slab. The type of foundation a structure has depends upon the environment it’s being built in. A slab is essentially concrete poured directly onto the ground. Crawl spaces are raised foundations that is built with enough room for a person to crawl beneath it. In addition, a basement is an extended crawl space that is sometimes made into another room in the home.

The foundation is a home helps stabilize the soil beneath a home so it does not shift. It also helps to keep moisture and water out of a home. There are many factors that can cause the foundation of a home to deteriorate. These problems can cause shifting, wall cracking, bending, and bowing. Cracking and bowing concrete is often the result of hydrostatic pressure. Water pressure in the ground causes and upward push. This puts pressure on walls. Also, tree and bush roots can cause a huge problem for foundation walls. In addition, poor building processes can yield a foundation that is not properly constructed.

The above-mentioned problems are a few of the factors that contribute to the need for leveling a home. A home owner will need to contact qualified foundation contractors in Oklahoma City to get a proper evaluation. A company such as American Leveling can handle residential and commercial foundation problems.

The position of a foundation is important since the entire home sits on this structure. When you call foundation contractors in Oklahoma City, you will have experts who are trained to spot the warning signs of a house shifting. These professionals have the advanced equipment necessary to perform processes that will get your home back to where it once was. When talking to one of these professionals, it’s advisable to write down all information so you can refer back to it later. Choose an experienced worker who will get the job done the first time so you can have a house you will love.

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