Footcare Recommended for Diabetic Pations by Podiatrists in Edison NJ

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

When it comes to diabetes, taking care of your feet is vital. In fact, foot problems are the single largest reason that people with this pernicious disease are admitted into the hospital. Podiatrists in Edison NJ understand this and recommend that their patients monitor the condition of their feet in order to catch problems early and avoid surgeries and amputations. Follow these recommendations and see your foot and ankle specialist before the first signs of trouble.

Basic Foot Care for Diabetes Patients

Make sure that the skin on the feet stays clean and well hydrated. Good hygiene will prevent cracks from forming between the toes. Cracked skin is an open invitation to infection which should be avoided at all costs. Ensure that a good moisturizing cream is used on a daily basis to keep the skin of the foot well hydrated. The heel is especially susceptible to cracking and an emollient cream should be used to prevent excess skin buildup. Make sure that the skin between the toes is left dry at the end of the foot care session. Nail care is important as well. Be sure to cut the nails straight across. Have any ingrown nails treated by your foot doctor to prevent excess granulation within the surrounding skin.

Keep the Loss of Sensation in Mind

Many diabetics make the mistake of thinking that their feet are okay because they don’t feel any pain. That’s a big problem. When foot problems arise, there can be an accompanying loss of sensation. Always inspect your feet for ulcers but be sure to schedule an appointment with Podiatrists in Edison NJ who will use fibers such as cotton and mono-filaments to test for sensory input. Done by skilled practitioners, these tests both detect and predict the emergence of nerve damage related foot problems due to diabetes.

Other than keeping blood sugar levels within normal range, good foot care should be a top priority with anyone diagnosed as a diabetes. Qualified podiatrists like Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ are trained to seek out foot problems before the risk of amputation arises. Healthy feet translate into better mobility and a happier, healthier life. Follow these strategies and have a qualified medical doctor regularly examine your feet to ensure that your feet will get you where you want to go for many years.

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