Finding Quality Bedroom Furniture in Ogden, UT

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, most want a room designed for comfort, yet one that maintains a certain style. Not to mention, the bedroom is typically one of the smaller rooms of a house, so you also have space considerations. Finding good, quality pieces that speak to comfort and style can be difficult, but Sugar House Furniture offers affordable, stylish bedroom furniture in Ogden UT.

Sugar House Furniture features mission-style furniture, which is comprised of solid oak wood that stands the test of time. The furniture is beautifully crafted to allow for style and elegance that will complement any living space. The bedroom furniture at Sugar House runs the gamut – from complete sets to individual pieces – you can find whatever you need to either complete or complement a room.

The beds come in a wide variety, from spindle beds to slat beds to platform beds. Each type offers unique craftsmanship that combines elegance and style in one piece. Platform beds also allow for extra storage space with drawers built into the platform. A unique way to combine storage with style. You can choose your bed type, and then customize it by selecting your wood and then the stain you want applied.

The dresser selection offers many options, from lingerie chests to 7- to 9-drawer chests to large 12-drawer mule chests. You can choose from dressers that are stacked vertically or horizontally. Each dresser is constructed with either cherry wood or solid oak with variety of staining options. Essentially, you can choose your look depending on your needs.

The night stands and other miscellaneous pieces provide the finishing touch to your space. The selection of night stands complement the dresser and bed selection, again allowing you to choose the type of wood and stain you want. Miscellaneous pieces include mirrors, storage benches, ottoman/bench and a beautiful entertainment stand with folding doors. Each piece is crafted to add elegance and style to any bedroom.

If you are looking for Bedroom Furniture in Ogden, UT, a visit to Sugar House Furniture should be upper-most on your list. Their bedroom furniture provides comfort, style and elegance for any bedroom space. The ability to essentially customize your furniture by choosing the wood and stains you want is a bonus. And the affordability of this quality furniture makes Sugar House Furniture a premier furniture store in Ogden, UT.

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