Expert Design and Construction of Grain Bins in Oregon

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

The use of bins for bulk grain storage dates back to the 8th century BC in ancient Greece. Today’s grain bins are still a long distant relative of even the first modern grain bin, an upright wooden structure built in 1873 by Fred Hatch of McHenry County, Illinois. Constructed of high quality materials today, bins range from simple structures to state of the art grain handling systems and can be designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of the farmer. Small, on-farm bins and high capacity commercial systems benefit from advances in modern materials, design, and safety standards. Unlike wooden grain bins in earlier times, today’s bins and silos are crafted with corrugated metal because of its durability and strength. To maximize strength and resistance to the elements, materials for Grain Bins Oregon construction are made of high-strength stainless steel and carbon steel.

Wall erection is highly enhanced with wide corrugated steel sheets made from superior strength galvanized steel. Galvanized steel, made by coating the steel in layers of zinc oxide, does not corrode easily and provides a much greater level of durability from rust. Sturdy and moisture resistant, it can endure the accumulation of snow and resist high winds and storms. It is also a good choice for areas prone to bug infestations and is fire-resistant. Cost effective and low maintenance, it is even recyclable. For the sturdiest roof strength and added rigidity, galvanized steel supports can help to ensure longer life, better service, and protection of the building investment.

Because the bin construction can offer customization to meet the farm needs, other features are also available. Storage capacity in a grain bin is wide ranging and offers numerous optional features in design for the small farm operation needs all the way up to commercial construction capacity. Heavy-duty walk-in doors as well as large drive-in doors can be installed. Ladders, both inside and outside of the bin, can be added as well as a safety cage and rest platform for the taller bins. Grain Bins Oregon can provide superior quality in the construction, service, and repair of a wide range of grain bins.

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