Filing The Correct Forms For A Divorce In California

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Law

The divorce process can become lengthy if you or your spouse contests the terms of the divorce. Couples can spend years negotiating terms of a divorce, especially if there are children involved or one spouse feels entitled to more money than the other spouse is willing to provide. It’s beneficial to get help with your divorce papers when filing for divorce in Los Angeles because there is paperwork required by the state of California, but there may also be paperwork required by your local courts. A legal document preparation company can affordably prepare all of the documents you need to file for divorce, which can work just as well as hiring an expensive divorce attorney.

Summons Or Petition For Divorce

To begin the divorce process you must file a petition that lists all of your property, debts, and if any children are involved. You do not need to worry about custody issues for children who are not a part of your current marriage or domestic partnership. You must also deliver a summons to your partner to make them aware that you have filed for divorce and want to proceed with dissolution of your marriage. Once your partner receives the Divorce Papers, he or she will have 30 days to send a response.

Forms To Ask For Support

If you feel you deserve spousal support or want to apply for child support, you will need to fill out a declaration that lists all of your expenses and income. If you’re ending a domestic partnership, a judge may determine that you’re eligible for partner support upon the dissolution of the partnership. A legal documents company can help you file all of the forms needed to apply for support, including wage garnishment forms that allow for the immediate collection of child support from the paying spouse’s paycheck.


Once the judge hears your case, he or she will make decisions to grant or deny requests made during the divorce proceedings. If you need additional divorce papers or evidentiary support, the court will request it. To avoid making a mistake when filing your divorce papers, it’s best to work with a reputable court documents firm who understands the local Los Angeles court systems and will insure that you file all necessary paperwork on time.


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