Fighting For Compensation After A Dog Attack In Indianapolis

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The Law Office of Steven Crell, lawyers in Indianapolis presents you with assistance after you are attacked by a neighborhood dog. Attorney Steven Crell can visit you while you are in the hospital to gather all of the details of your attack. These details along with your medical evidence presents this attorney with sufficient support to introduce the circumstances of your case to a judge. Through a personal injury claim, he can provide all vital facts of your case o the judge and show him or her why you should receive compensation. To discuss your animal attack case with Steven Crell contact his office and schedule an appointment.


Fighting for Compensation After a Dog Attack

Extensive injuries as a result of a dog attack could lead to permanent disabilities such as loss of limb. These often gruesome attacks could also produce a fatality. If you or a loved one were viciously attacked by a neighborhood dog, it is paramount for you to file a claim through your preferred attorney immediately. When you or your loved one seek medical attack, it is essential that the doctor become aware that it was a neighborhood dog that attacked in order to ensure that biological evidence is extracted whenever possible from the wounds.

After biological evidence is acquired it is difficult for pet owners to attempt to discredit your claim. If the pet owner refuses to present the dog for extraction of DNA or other biological evidence a judge can issue a court order. Once the evidence links the dog to your wounds it presents an iron clad claim against the pet owners which is indisputable.

Through the Law Office of Steven Crell, lawyer in Indianapolis you have the opportunity to fight against the pet owners whose dog attacked you. In most cases, the pet owner will argue over the dog’s temperament and inability to behave in such a manner. This is highly probable in cases where the pet owner did not witness this attack.

Cases in which extensive injuries were sustained present a high possibility of an order to euthanize the animal based on the probability that he or she is a threat to society. When you have sustained such gruesome injuries it is necessary for you to file a claim as soon as possible.

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