Exploring Part Time Law Programs in Los Angeles

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Trying to balance the demands of having a career, a family and hobbies can be overwhelming enough. The thought of going to law school full time might not be a realistic option no matter how badly you want to become a lawyer. Fortunately, there are a lot of law schools that offer Part Time Law Programs in Los Angeles so students who do not have enough time in their days to go to school fulltime can still become a lawyer. According to the US Department of Labor, approximately one in ten students who graduate from ABA schools participated in part time law programs.

When you are going to school full time to be a lawyer it is going to take you three full academic years. When you are taking Part Time Law Programs in Los Angeles you are going to have to complete eight semesters in order to obtain a law degree. Eight semesters is the equivalent of roughly four full academic years. The option is always open for students in part time law school programs to transfer to full time if their situation changes. There are a lot of advantages to attending part time law school.

The vast majority of all part time law programs are offered through evening classes. This is so students can maintain a full time job during the day and still attend classes a few nights a week. Even though you are only taking law school full time, you should still dedicate 30 to 40 hours a week in addition to your other obligations. Part time law school programs is a lot like having a second job in terms of how much time you need to put into it.

Part time law school programs are a lot easier to get into than full time law school programs. This makes it possible for students with lower LSAT scores and GPAs to still have an opportunity to become a lawyer. The last benefit is that it is not as much of a financial burden as going to law school full time is. The only real disadvantage is that some people come to regret going to law school part time and worry that they missed something.

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