Different Types Of Galvanized Fencing Wire In Texas

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Any fence which is made from galvanized steel is considered to be galvanized fencing in Texas. The most common galvanized fencing is chain-link although there are other variations such as welded wire fencing. When a fence is constructed of metal which has been galvanized it can withstand the rigors of exposure far better than a fence which is constructed of non-treated or bare steel. Galvanization is a process that puts a protective zinc coating on the metal using a chemical process. The coating prevents oxidization, rust and corrosion; this makes galvanized fencing wire in Texas an ideal choice for moist climates.

By far the most common type of galvanized fencing is chain-link and examples can be seen almost everywhere regardless of whether it is town or country. Although chain-link fence can easily be attached to wooden fence posts with U shaped fencing nails it is most often used with complimentary galvanized steel posts. The posts can be sunk into concrete or pounded into the ground as many styles have a barb on the bottom which allows the post to go in but holds it firmly in place. Once this type of fence has been installed you can be assured that it will keep out unwanted guests or keep in animals. This fence provides a highly secure environment especially when a few rows of barb wire are strung at the top. Gates are easy to install and the fence style is such that it can be used for baseball backstops, batting cages, etc.

One can consider chain-link to be a heavy duty fence but fencing wire in Texas is also available in a light weight configuration. This type of fence is made from thin wire which has been pre-galvanized and welded together to form a rectangular or diamond pattern with wires running both vertically and horizontally. Once the fence is fabricated it is rolled up for delivery. This type of fence usually is made from light gauge wire and is not really suitable for weight bearing but it can be an ideal enclosure for small animals and is often used to protect shrubs and other plants that may be eaten by animals. Often this type of wire fence, commonly called “chicken wire” is supported from simple wooden stakes to form a temporary enclosure.

There are a number of different styles of fencing wire in Texas; perhaps the most common is chain-link. For all your fencing supplies you are invited to visit Thomas Wire Rope Co.

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