How to Buy Alloy Wheels in the UK

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you are someone looking for alloy wheels in the UK, then you need to read on. Here are a few things you need to remember when buying alloy wheels in the UK. The first few things to consider when picking alloy wheels are size, fit, practicality, quality and look. The most common reason for people to buy alloy wheels is to increase the visual value of their vehicle, but if the alloys don’t fit you’re in trouble.

There are three measurements you’ll need to make. These are the PCD, offset and center bore and are vital in deciding which set of wheels you pick for your car, since if you choose the wrong ones they will not fit your car. The PCD is the number of bolts/holes that the car has per wheel, and in regard to the distance each bolt/hole is away from each other. Remember that if your car has 5 studs almost 112mm away from each other, your PCD needs to be 5 x 112.

The offset is a bit more complicated than this. The offset represents the distance between the center line of the wheel and the hub’s plane mounting on the surface. It can either be positive or negative, pushing the wheel into the inside or away from the arch. To correctly calculate the offset of an alloy wheel in the UK you need to measure the overall width of the wheel from edge to edge and then divide it by 2. This gives the center line of the wheel. After this you need to measure from the mounting surface where the bolts are to the back edge of the wheel. Minus the center line from this number and it equals the offset, back spacing – center line = offset.

Now the center bore measurement is the easiest of all. It is the radius of the middle of the wheel mounting hole and the radius of the spigot which the alloy wheel will mount on. Most wheels have a standard center bore size and supply spigot rings to match the CB. However, if you have modified your car in a way which affects what kind of wheels it can have then you will need to take a few things into consideration. For example if you have lowered your car, you need to be sure the radius of the wheel fits under the arches without rubbing against them. For this you might need to roll the arches so they fit. However, they still might rub if you put extra weight on them, so use low profile tyres which will reduce the overall radius of the alloy wheels.

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