Different Equipment Used in Rigging in Texas

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

Equipment for rigging in Texas covers a wide range of tools that are used for innumerable needs. The rudimentary definition is equipment or tools that are used to lift, push, pull or hoist other objects. These can range from small, heavy lifting tasks to larger, even heavier lifts. And tasks can also range from simple to the exceedingly complex.


Pushing an object is one of the methods that involves rigging in Texas. The two types of rigging apparatus used are skates and dollies. A dolly is defined as a wheeled platform capable of transporting another object. These are useful when transporting heavy objects, especially if floor damage must be prevented. This happens because of a system-wide roll, as opposed to singular wheels. Skates are comparable to dollies because they use rollers. However, this option is simpler since it is merely placed under an object.


One purpose of rigging is holding up an object directly from the ground. A common type of tool for this is the jack. Jacks can come in different styles and types. The mechanical or hydraulic pressure is used to raise the tip. Another common jack is the bottle jack. Jacks use inflatable air pumps for lifting. Jacks have gears inside them that generate the lift when their bolts are rotated.

Heavy Equipment

Sometimes rigs require much more than manually operated machines. Forklifts are used to lift and carry items that a cat cannot. Double lifters are similar to forklifts and can also lift and carry heavy loads. The cranes can lift more weight and have higher than a manual lift. Elevators are, for the most part, very large bottle cats that are used to lift heavy objects at high altitudes.


A common form of lift are chain hoists. Hoists transfer loads via pulley lifts. The user pulls on one chain, creating the lifting action. Lifters use one of these to create the action of the pulley. This style doesn’t usually concern heavy lifting. Lever lifters are similar to, but are not able to handle heavier loads, because the hoisting system of fixed pulleys cannot carry the weight.

Rigging in Texas is used to to move some of the biggest and heaviest objects on the planet. There are some cases where you may go downtown and see rigging equipment when a building is being erected. However, if you are interested in learning more, call your local contractor.

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