What to Ask a Tree Removal Service in Arlington Before Hiring Them

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

Tree removal may seem like a straightforward type of profession, but there are important differences between providers. To avoid bad surprises, you’ll need to find out specifics about each tree removal service Arlington. What kind of surprises can there be? Here are some things to ask prospective services:

Do You Remove the Stump?

In recent years, it has become all too common for tree removal companies to redefine the word “tree” to mean “everything other than the stump.” This is surely shocking and nonsensical to most customers, but a company that has this idea will not budge. Therefore, you should make sure that the company will do the whole job so you don’t have to hire a separate stump grinder for an extra fee.

One company that will take out the entire tree, including the stump, is Greentree. They’ll also finish the job for you if you’ve had the misfortune of hiring one of the other places and being left with a big bare tree trunk to deal with.

What Do You Do with the Wood?

Shockingly, some tree removal services just dump the wood in a landfill. Considering how valuable wood can be, this is rather amazing. If you’d rather have the wood put to some sort of use, make sure to ask the company what it does with the material it takes away. Some companies sell the wood chips from the small branches and split the larger ones for firewood. The wood will then be sold off to those looking for these products.

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Some companies charge a fee to come out and asses a situation, or even worse, just show up with their crews and hope you’ll give them the go-ahead without mentioning a price in advance. You definitely should get not only an estimate before work is performed, but that estimate should be given with no charge. After all, if you go into a store, they don’t charge you to look at the price sticker. If the first company you call doesn’t offer free estimates, keep calling other ones until you find one that will. You’ll have no problem getting a price from a good tree removal service Arlington. visit Greentree Arlington.