Design A Portable Bar Set For Any Sponsorship Options

by | May 21, 2014 | Business

There are many different groups, organizations and associations that routinely host conferences throughout the year. These conferences are typically funded, to a large extent, on the registration fees obtained from conference attendees. However, with the increasing costs of catering, room and facilities rentals and speaker costs more and more conferences are moving towards sponsored breaks, receptions and networking events at the conference. A portable bar set offers conference planers a great option to recognize sponsors and bring in additional revenue.

A portable bar set can include a mobile bar along with portable cocktail tables that can be easily folded and stored between events. Add to this a back bar for additional storage of glasses, bottles and supplies and you have a complete portable bar set that can be used in multiple locations in a conference or across multiple conferences and events.

Promotional Space

All the components of the portable bar set can be used for promotional sales. Think of the options as the tables, bar panels and the back bar all have room for branding and labels on each of the surface areas. The conference itself can be featured on the top of the tables and on the bar counter, then each of the panels can represent a sponsor.

The tables are a great sponsorship opportunity and a way to bring in additional review. The panels are interchangeable and can feature company logos, brands or messages to attendees. Since the tables have multicolored LED lighting in the center the sponsor’s information on the panels will literally light up the space. These tables fold flat for easy storage between uses.

The Bar

The bar itself, as the main element of the portable bar set, can feature the main reception or event sponsor’s brand, company, image or logo. Again, LED lighting in a variety of colors or even in a multicolored array can be used to draw additional attention to the sponsor. Attendees will certainly be aware of who to thank for the reception, coffee break or the refreshments provided.

Using a portable bar set including the back bar, portable bar and cocktail tables can convert a boring event into a sensational event. You can be creative in how you use the portable bar set, but it will certainly be a big selling point for getting sponsors.

A portable bar set provides the opportunity to add more marketing opportunities for event sponsors. To see what these sets look like visit us online at

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